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Bureau Collective   |    http://bureaucollective.ch

"New visual dress for the second album «Into the Light» for the St.Gallen based music duo Kaltehand/Natasha Waters. For all their holy support we thank Tobi Siebrecht, Bänziger Hug, Boris Stoll, Matthias Kappeler and Sénic.

Bureau Collective is a design studio founded in 2009 by Ollie Schaich and Ruedi Zürcher in St.Gallen, Switzerland. They like to work in the different fields of graphic design and enjoy working with people that are as passionate about what they do as they are.

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14 Apr

Tata&Friends   |    http://tatafriends.com

"After doing some research on icons design we decided to make this tribute to the bands we love. Literal Rock Band Icons."

We are a design muscle for positive brands. We lead visual strategies so that our clients reach their customers´ hearts. We believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking. Tata&Friends is a place to grow, to collaborate, to learn and to share knowledge.

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10 Apr

Music Wednesday: Lorde  |   http://lorde.co.nz

One of my favorite albums of 2013 (and favorite album cover too).

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8 Jan

Fran Efless   |   http://franefless.com

"During 100 days, I will write or draw a handmade lettering for 100 local bands I have seen in the last 15 years. This personal project started 7th of June 2013, as part of the 100 Days Project. You can see how it grows on my Instagram.”

My name is Fran Efless. I live in the North of Spain. I am 31. When I am not taking pictures, I am drawing something in my sketchbook. And sometimes I mix it all in my images. I love music and I used to play bass guitar in punk and hardcore bands. I love snowboarding too. Oh, and tattoos.

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30 Oct