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Music Wednesday: Lorde  |   http://lorde.co.nz

One of my favorite albums of 2013 (and favorite album cover too).

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8 Jan

Fran Efless   |   http://franefless.com

"During 100 days, I will write or draw a handmade lettering for 100 local bands I have seen in the last 15 years. This personal project started 7th of June 2013, as part of the 100 Days Project. You can see how it grows on my Instagram.”

My name is Fran Efless. I live in the North of Spain. I am 31. When I am not taking pictures, I am drawing something in my sketchbook. And sometimes I mix it all in my images. I love music and I used to play bass guitar in punk and hardcore bands. I love snowboarding too. Oh, and tattoos.

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31 Oct

Am I Collective   |   http://amicollective.com

"Tommy Tucker are a music production studio specializing in original compositions, sound design and branding. Their studio is built within our space so we took on their full identity. Our focus was to explore what sound looks like without using obvious solutions and imagery. We couldn’t have asked for a better brief and as a result of this the project was a success and the visual language created was interesting and new territory for us."

The Am I Collective is a creative studio that offers a multi-faceted, collaborative service to advertising agencies around the world. This includes benchmark animation, illustration and typography. Born in 2006 in the beautiful city of Cape Town, we are proudly African. Being African feeds our natural spirit of raw adventure and this hopefully shines true in all the work we do. Raw, and earthy in style and explorative in execution. We hope to be seen as different yet inspirational on a global platform.

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26 Oct

Toormix   |   http://toormix.com

"Design of the first album and single for a Barcelona based pop music band called Doble Pletina. The album title is "De lo concreto a lo general" (From the concrete to the general)."

Toormix is a Barcelona-based design studio specialising in branding, art direction, creativity and graphic design set up in 2000. They have worked with clients such as Desigual, Camper, Spain USA Foundation, H10 Hotels, Spanish Ministry of Culture, Barcelona City Council, L’Auditori and chef José Andrés among others. They have recently opened an atelier space for the development of personal projects and research.

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11 Jul