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Nourished Journal    |    http://nourishedjournal.com

Nourished Journal is a bi-annual lifestyle publication. The aim of Nourished Journal is not only to create an inspiring publication, but also to be a platform for readers and contributors alike to share, learn and connect. The journal features interviews with inspiring individuals, uplifting and informative editorial, recipes, travel stories and practical information on health and wellbeing. We believe in taking a holistic view on life, which you will see reflected throughout the journal.Nourished Journal is wholly owned and produced by Made Publishers.

Nourished’s editorial direction is built on a foundation of knowledge and insight. With a wide range of contributors across multiple disciplines, Nourished’s content is as comprehensive as it is diverse. Featuring profiles, interviews, guides, recipes and editorial content, Nourished has been created for individuals with a strong interest in health and well being, it also appeals greatly to those seeking inspiration in the areas of beauty, food, travel & lifestyle.

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17 Sep

Quote of the week - 14/07/2014

Dweller    |    http://noelshiveley.tumblr.com

Noel Shiveley is a 22 year old letterer and designer based in Pasadena, CA, USA. He is focused on calligraphy, typography, graphic design and is always interested in collaborations.

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15 Jul

JUCO  |   http://jucophoto.com

"Personal shoot by JUCO - backgrounds hand painted by Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. Make up by Nicole Servin Models - Eric F Johnson and Julia Bama with FORD."

JUCO represents the collaborative work of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. They first met at The San Francisco Art Institute in 2002 where Cody received his MFA in photography and Julia her BFA. Their first projects together were actually class assignments. Team JUCO is based in Los Angeles, CA. They enjoy plants (on many levels), thrift stores (deeply) and the beach (when the time is right).

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18 Jan

Rice Creative   |   http://behance.net/Rice_Creative

"Invitation to a photography exhibition, collaboration between Rice Creative / Dong Hau / L’Usine. For the invitation we created a story and shot it frame by frame. This film sequence was reproduced 200 times for the 200 needed invites. The receiver of the invite would get a roll of 35mm film, and be instructed to pull on the tab. The exposed film inside could be read one frame at a time. Each frame had a story of it’s own as well as giving all of the pertinent information such as time date, venue, and exhibition participants."

Rice Creative is a multidisciplinary design agency set up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2011 by Joshua Breidenbach and Chi-An De Leo. Out of Huge global Branding & advertising agencies respectively, the duo sought a smaller more personal environment to offer a new set of clients, world-class creative solutions,with emphasis on well informed concept. Rice creative plans to remain lean & focused forming long lasting bonds with their select clients to produce striking, long lasting creative work.

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2 Jul