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Igor Klepnev   |   http://behance.net/igorklepnev

"Pop Art Portraits."

He was born in Vladikavkaz (Russia) in 1989. Studied medicine in medical academy, which he dropped for for the sake of art and moved to another city. Igor is photographing in fashion, art-fashion and portrait genres from 2009. He is inspired by hip-hop, street art, graphics and cinema. At the moment Igor works in Moscow and cooperates with magazines, designers and artists.

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4 Jun

Flora Borsi    |    http://behance.net/yayuniversal

"What Photoshop Would Look Like in Real Life? I would like it!"

My name is Flóra Borsi. I’m 19 years old and I live in Hungary. I’ve interested in photo-manipulating since 2004. I’ve been taking photos since 2007. I won a half-professional camera on a photo contest in 2008 and I’ve been working with that since then.

I usually do (self) portraits, concept arts, photo-manipulations, fashion editorials. The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. At portraits I’m trying to mediate the models. I haven’t mentioned my style, because I think it hasn’t been emerged, and it’s still developing and forming

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26 Apr

Noémie Beaulieu    |   http://behance.net/noemiebeaulieu

"I designed three pieces to promote the 2009-2010 season of the Théâtre de la Bordée: the season’s brochure, a pamphlet/flyer and a play’s poster. I wanted to create a visual that would stand out among Quebec’s three other major theaters. The design had to appeal to La Bordée’s current clients (mostly mid-aged ladies) and also attract younger ones (18-30). I picked some daring, vivid colours that really catches one’s eye and I balanced their impact by placing the text in a more conventional way. I used some drop caps to create more impact and add sophistication to the whole look."

My name is Noémie and I am a 20-year-old graphic design student + freelancer from Québec, Canada.

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16 Apr

Magnus Henriksen    |    http://behance.net/henriksen

"Identity for Norwegian fashion designer, Nina Skarra. Skarra is an internationally awarded fashion designer born in Troms, Norway. Her collections combine the purity of Scandinavian design, known for its simplicity and the use of traditional sartorial craftsmanship, quality fabrics and a sustainable production process."

Graphic designer based in Oslo, Norway. Focused on graphic design, illustration and typography.

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7 Mar