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MM Identity Lab   |   http://mmidentitylab.com

"Here at the lab, we design and coordinate an annual direct mail campaign to promote brand awareness, bring together the creative community, and cultivate potential business relationships in good chemistry. We realized that there is a direct correlation with the seasons of the year and a deck of cards, and set forth to create a calendar that could double as a deck of playing cards. "

MM shapes brand DNA through good chemistry. With their rare amalgam of inspiration and discipline, they build brands that work harder, look better, and live longer. Their diverse backgrounds form a unique composition of talent that has shaped brand identities, strategies, and marketing plans for start-ups, emerging market and mid-sized companies, and corporate veterans.

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18 Mar

Stranger & Stranger   |   http://strangerandstranger.com

"The Hanson Family, Californian through and through, have built a distillery in Sonoma wine country and are making vodka out of local grapes. They believe in checking quality and hand crafting so much that the labels are all signed and applied by the three Hanson sons. We wanted the brand to reflect the hand finished aspect of the product and stand out as a Californian icon."

Stranger & Stranger is a packaging design company specializing in the alcoholic drinks industry. We research, name and register brands worldwide. We design bespoke bottle shapes, labels, closures and all secondary packaging. We also create all marketing support material and environment dressing. Last but not least, we supervise production to the highest standards.

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10 Mar

Esther Li   |   http://estherlidesign.com

"Ambivert is a hypothetical brand that produces handmade items for an Ambivert. Ambivert products are "products for people who want to be alone but also sometimes want to be around people except for those times when they want both and cannot function". All the products come in sets of 3, so there is a product for when an ambivert is feeling introverted, extroverted or both.

 The logo follows this idea of a set of 3 and is made up of the letters A, E and I for ambivert, extrovert and introvert. It also is a face expressing the emotion of the ambivert and is flexible depending on emotion. The design of the packaging is always based on a 3 x 3 grid, continuing the theme of three’s. The packaging itself is meant to feel special and luxurious while still handmade and a little more tactile, especially with the string closure.”

Esther Li is a Senior studying Communications Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She has participated in internships at Control Group, Mother NY, Sagmeister & Walsh and is currently interning at Roandco Studio. Apart from design she is also a figure skater and a diehard Patriots fan.

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13 Feb

Zsófia Pressing   |   http://be.net/zsofiapressing

"LIMITED EDITION of various chocolate types with unique characteristics and flavors according to the seven deadly sins. With its elegant, romantic design that refreshes the especial atmosphere of the Victorian-era, this chocolate box is a perfect gift for any occasion. Different flavors and an exciting mixture of the most common human natures are guaranteed to be the best choice to your beloved ones."

Now attending Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts (BKF), I am a young graphic designer from Hungary. My aim is to bring delightful, colourful and stylish designs into people’s life. Branding, corporate identity, editorial design, packaging, illustration and typography are my main themes.

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25 Jan