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Zsófia Pressing   |   http://be.net/zsofiapressing

"LIMITED EDITION of various chocolate types with unique characteristics and flavors according to the seven deadly sins. With its elegant, romantic design that refreshes the especial atmosphere of the Victorian-era, this chocolate box is a perfect gift for any occasion. Different flavors and an exciting mixture of the most common human natures are guaranteed to be the best choice to your beloved ones."

Now attending Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts (BKF), I am a young graphic designer from Hungary. My aim is to bring delightful, colourful and stylish designs into people’s life. Branding, corporate identity, editorial design, packaging, illustration and typography are my main themes.

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25 Jan

Anti   |   http://anti.as

"THE BIRDS of Lars Beller Fjetland started out as leftover wood or ignored trash, but has been turned into desired pieces of «feel-good woodcraft». Each bird is slightly different, and its species is determined by the material collected. To follow up on the philosophy that trash is a misplaced resource, we made proposals where every element of the packaging will be made from recycled materials, together with the illustrative story of the bird´s «past life».

Anti is a multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. We believe in simplicity, storytelling and creating fans. If you start telling about your passions and believes it will create an authentic sharing of experiences and passion between client and brand.

Experiences recruits fans. Fans creates financial opportunities. With a growing competition of attention are the brands who can secure a strong concept with a correct visual signature tomorrows number one brands.

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24 Jan

Anna Lotova   |   http://annalotova.com

"We have to change our behaviors, plan and think of work with a different mindset: no matter where an office is situated, it has to have a space it can call its own, identifiable, alterable, on a human scale, with its own history and objects, an enjoyable environment.OXYMORON desk is a result of interaction between two contradictory materials that enhance each other and gain a new meaning. Two layers of foam with an alcantara cloth are placed between plywood sheets to form a toolbox to store documents, objects and technical devices."

Anna Lotova graduated in 2012 at the Saint-Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia). In her projects she is looking for light-hearten, hidden humor in every materials that she works with.

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14 Jan

Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 14/01/2013

Recap Notebook   |   http://recapnotebook.com   |   Shop

The Recap Notebook is the easiest way to summarize your favourite activity. Each double spread allows you to document a full day of the activity, illustrated by a bespoke drawing. Basic information can be noted on the left hand page, while the right hand page provides space for notes and memorable stories. Each notebook has a refined and vintage aesthetic and the pocket format allows you to easily carry it around. The Recap Notebook is a great gift idea for your favourite people.

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14 Jan