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Quote of the week - 12/05/2014

Kevin Chao    |    http://itskevinchao.com

As a soon-to-be college graduate I am facing a pivotal section of life and it is important to me to not lose sight of what I truly love by getting caught up with “work”.This poster is a personal reminder that it’s okay to step back and spend time having fun, seeing family, maintaining friendships, etc.”

Kevin is a designer based in NYC, USA. His work primarily reflects graphic design but he’s always picking up new interests and working on weird projects.

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13 May

Quote of the week - 31/03/2014

João Neves   |   http://behance.net/nevesman

Graphic designer and musician based in Lisbon, Portugal. Focused on typography, graphic design, branding and illustration.

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1 Apr

Quote of the week - 24/03/2014

Risa Rodil   |   http://risarodil.com

Risa Angela F. Rodil is a 20 year old designer/illustrator from Manila. She graduated from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts. She specializes in graphic design, illustration, web design and typography.

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25 Mar

Quote of the week - 10/03/2014

Tim Bontan   |   http://bijdevleet.nl

Bijdevleet is a design agency founded by Tim Bontan in 2004. Bijdevleet consists of founder Tim Bontan, designer, illustrator and artist, and a broad network of experienced designers, motion designers, filmmakers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters and web designers / developers. We do projects for clients worldwide from our studio located in the beautiful city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

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12 Mar