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Shop Hunting Tuesdays: Atypical

Atypical   |   http://atypical.it

Atypical, an independent brand created in 2012, specialized in handmade quality cruiser skateboards, is born. Unique pieces inspired by the first 60s-70s skates that constitute a direct bridge with the surf reality of those years. The decks, with an highly recognizable design, have been realized by hand in Italy using solid wood from the selection of best ash trees.

The Classic FW 2012 Collection is made of 5 models: the first model #Original takes advantages of wood different tones, combining to the natural warm typical of ash the elegance of mordant; the other four models instead play with pastel tones, join by the pureness of white. The link of the entire collection is the use of geometric lines with a constant attention to the graphic cleanliness, distinctive of the brand.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of this awesome designer-boards proceed to their website or facebook page.

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11 Dec