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Vanessa Pepin   |   http://pepinvanessa.com

"Branding proposition for Samuel Gaudreau, photographer. The concept was inspired by the focus interface of a camera."

Freelance graphic designer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Focused on graphic design, print design, branding and art direction.

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16 Feb

Cynthia Waeyusoh   |   http://cynthiawaeyusoh.de

"Concept-development, Corporate Design and Interior Design for KAFFEE KANN ICH. The german brand name »KAFFEE KANN ICH.« translates to “I make coffee”. Only the the finest locally grown ingredients are used and the offered cake varieties are still home-made. The branding for the owner-managed cafe in Hannover is simple yet trenchant. The choice products are marked and certified with the round label of »KAFFEE KANN ICH.«. Oh and naturally, they make the best coffee."

Cynthia is a senior designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She is focused on branding, print design, graphic design and editorial design.

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15 Feb

Ross Paxman   |   http://rosspaxman.com

"House of Vnholy is a design studio led by Matthew Adey and specialising in the creation of sets and lighting for theatre and performance, as well as custom built environments and objects. The studio’s exploration of the darker side of the arts informed the design, which takes inspiration from the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus and the contrast of light and shade. The 1930’s German typeface Neuzeit Grotesk was given a contemporary update and the initials stacked to reference the circle, square and triangle that make up the flexible grid pattern, repeated across silver-foiled 700gsm business cards and website components."

Ross is a creative director and designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys working on a wide range of projects, spanning art direction, identity/branding, illustration, editorial, and web design.

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15 Feb

Designer of the week - 10/02/2014

Carolin Wanitzek   |   http://carolinwanitzek.de

Carolin is a Communication Designer based in Mannheim/Germany. Since October 2008 she is studying communication design at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Mainly working in the field of photography, editorial design and typography. She has a passion for handmade graphics and creating three-dimensional illustrations made out of paper or other objects. She is always interested to create different projects with different people.

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10 Feb