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*Personal work: Ena Baćanović

Just wanted to share a few shots from my Dribbble - feel free to follow me there, I’ll have a few invitations!

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30 Jun

Designer of the week - 12/05/2014:

Amy Joycey    |    http://amyjoycey.com

Amy is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Quebec - Canada. She is focused on graphic design, print design, illustration and web design.

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12 May

flag&mountains    |    http://flagandmountains.com

"Troupe is a digital concept hybrid between an independent editorial platform and a diligently-curated fashion boutique which prides themselves to promote the rising trends of high-end street fashion across the globe, while constantly producing the most unique and exquisite fashion pieces every season through their online store. Troupe is tailor-made for those who loves drifting gracefully between the surreal world of fantasy and reality."

Flag&Mountains is a Singapore based idea-driven creative agency that was conceived based on the notion of a voyage—the symbol of mountains as a metaphor for a vast imaginable landscape of challenges, juxtaposed with the image of a flag, denotes the gesticulation of a victorious conquest. The ambitious goal of conquering and reaching the summit of every mountain is what matters to us. There is never a mountain too colossal to size, nor a mountain too rigorous to scale. Like wise old men, we will guide our partners towards their destination. And like expert mountaineers, we will drive them towards the summit.

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8 May

Webydo    |    http://webydo.com

"Webydo is a community led cloud platform for web designers, with over 81,000 designers worldwide. Webydo’s sophisticated cloud software allows professional designers to create and manage responsive pixel-perfect business websites without writing code."

Webydo is a revolutionary web design cloud software that brings stunning freshness, addictive ease of use and astounding feature rich design to the entire process of website creation and renders present web design players archaic. Webydo is transforming web design, serving a set in its way industry with a long overdue wake up call. 

With Webydo designers can create professional pixel perfect websites for their clients without writing code. Designers can therefore focus on the creative side, while Webydo’s code generator automatically converts their graphic design into HTML code updated to the latest industry standards, cross-platform and optimized for search engines and with a built-in content management system (CMS) for their clients. 

Webydo provides a sophisticated technology. But the work flow is very intuitive using familiar graphic design features found in other professional design studios such as ‘Adobe Photoshop’ or ‘Indesign’. This is the reason why Webydo’s online software is so simple to use. Webydo was made for designers. If you know how to Photoshop, you’ll know how to Webydo your sites.

If you’re interested in Webydo, try their 30 days free trial or choose a plan that best fits your needs.

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8 May