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Fiktiv   |   http://fiktiv.co   |   Facebook

"Creative studio for visual communications design and interactive systems development. Occasionally a zoo."

I’m spending the next few months interning at this super-cozy design studio called Fiktivlocated in Zagreb, Croatia! I’ll try to post some relevant updates from time to time, just so you know how am I doing! 

Photography by: Maja Štasni

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8 Jan

Lee Stokes    |    http://behance.net/studiostokes

"A selection of photographs of my studio where i work on freelance projects and practice the art of graphic design. This is my room of ideas and inspiration. where my dressing table becomes my desk and my wardrobe becomes my wall of ideas."

My Name is Lee Stokes a London-based graphic designer, whose creative passions are typography, editorial design and branding. I like to have a hands on relationship with design and the materials I use as my work is very image based and handcrafted with an attention to detail. When a project is complete, photographed and printed the result remains tactile. I enjoy frequent trips to D.I.Y stores and paper stockists where I like to collect and experiment with unconventional materials for print and packaging projects, this stimulates and forms my design method.

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4 Feb

How does your desk / workspace look like right now?

This is always fun to do! - Don’t move or clean anything, take a picture of your workspace now and post it here!

You can see the gallery here, and post your own pictures under this post or on our facebook wall!

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10 Jan

Sagmeister & Walsh - renovated studio space

Sagemeister & Walsh   |   Photography: Mario Alfonso De Armas

9 Oct