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Thank you for your interest in being featured on The Design Blog. We encourage everyone from brands, professional designers and studios to emerging artists and creatives to submit their best work, products, or companies for a chance to be featured on our platform.

Since we get a lot of submissions every day, we’re not able to respond to all of your messages. We review every submission to make sure all of the content is relevant and of great quality. If we decide to feature your project or need more information, we will contact you.

For a chance to get featured, please follow our guidelines and send your submissions to

  • Your full name and bio
  • Portfolio or website link
  • Description of the work, company, or brand
  • Short introduction about you or your company
  • Include at least 5-10 JPEGs or PNGs of your work, brand, shop, design space, etc. This can be sent via Dropbox link or similar.
  • Full credits if multiple people worked on the project
  • Press releases are welcome

Support our work

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