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Contemporary Brand Identity for Prospect Coffee Roasting Company by Alter

Prospect is a specialty coffee roasting and retail company started in 2014 by brothers Blake and Derek Ulrich in Ventura, California.

The identity Alter created for Prospect drew inspiration from the great legacy of American typographic branding. They were looking for a contemporary execution with an underlying sense of familiarity and character.  

Marr Sans by Commercial Type provided the perfect fit and works beautifully across a series of packages, each designed in a single size and weight.

To add dimension and tone Alter worked up a series of loose illustrations that eventually became a relaxed and welcoming thread throughout. They’re a kind of riff on how they imagine the Californian coffee experience. Pretty chill and super friendly.

Design: Alter
Photography: Jesse Carmody, Mark Lobo

Copyright @ Alter
Alter is a design studio making change that inspires
curiosity, desire, and builds structure and strategy. Alter’s work spans Architecture, Art, Education, Government, Construction, Hospitality, Music and Retail. And many things that fall in between. They are a collaborative, flexible and responsive creative partner.

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