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Custom Typography and Packaging Design for Batch Coffee Club

Batch Coffee Club, based in the UK, is a curator of specialty coffee by subscription that offers a selection of coffee from different brands and origins.

The conceptual basis that articulates the whole identity focuses precisely on the meaning of the brand's name. Requena Office wanted to project the diversity of origins and its large catalog of collaborators through a typography that is entirely their own.

An expressive typography  designed from scratch naturally captures the essence of the coffee beans in batches. Each letter is a batch, and each batch is different but at the same time maintains a common element and a similar meaning. In addition, the multiplicity in the chromatic range enhances the variety and distinctive value of each batch, of each coffee.

Design: Requena Office
Animation: Ester Dus
Photography: Martí Pujol

Copyright @ Requena Office
Graphic design and visual communication studio founded by Andrés Requena in 2014. The studio offers services such as art direction, branding, naming, packaging design, editorial design and web design.

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