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Mud-Inspired Brand Identity for Lodoso by Wikka Studio

Lodoso (as in muddy) is a space where experiences are shared through the creation of pottery. Split between the workshop that teaches pottery-making and a store that sells final products such as vases.

Lodoso has a relaxed and casual mood where students go to escape and hang out with each other. It's a fun place where everyone gets their hands dirty while creating beautiful pottery pieces. 

Studio Wikka sought to create a fun, casual, and happy brand identity in which the logo and the pictogram emulate the idea of being made with mud or clay.

They also developed a fresh and fun chromatic palette that complements the logo and the printed collateral.

Design: Wikka
Photography: Leo Alfaro
Pottery: Lodoso

Copyright @ Wikka
Creative studio directed by Andrea & Jimena. They are located in Barcelona and Cancun, but since 2016 the studio works with clients all over the world. Wikka likes great ideas, challenges, cool projects and good vibes.

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