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Playful Brand Identity for Parkette Store by Kinoto Studio

Parkette is a thoughtfully curated boutique in Hamilton, Canada, offering beautifully crafted clothes, toys, accessories, books, homeware, and more.

The name is a nod to a local term that describes a small park with play areas for kids. Kinoto Studio’s mission while defining parkette’s identity was to capture the essence of its core principle: "Forever fun."

The logo, a versatile mascot and icon, is at the heart of the brand. It embodies the spirit of Parkette, serving as a symbol of playfulness and creativity, where you're invited to shape and reinterpret as you please, making it your own.

Additionally, Kinoto developed a vibrant color palette and a collection of childlike illustrations to enhance the experience of Parkette.

Design: Kinoto Studio
Photos: Spencer Blackwood

Copyright @ Kinoto Studio
Kinoto is a Buenos-Aires based graphic design studio founded by Romi Rios and Lucho Geoffroy. They specialize in brand identity design, and are known for their versatile, vibrant, fun, and colorful work.

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