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Show-Stopping Branding and Illustrations for Alec’s Ice Cream by Hatch

Alec’s Ice Cream is the first of its kind – regenerative A2 milk that’s good for the planet and tummies. They came to Hatch because their pack and mission were getting lost on shelf.

Hatch set out to educate and delight consumers, all while highlighting their ice cream that was out of this world delicious. We might say the result was super*naturally good!

Hatch used playful illustrations to exude a magical flavor sense, and textured layers speak to the regenerative soil. The bright colors are hopeful, with fun and inviting typography.

The photography (by RC Rivera) features decadent flavor combinations and showcases the premium texture. When you bring it all together, it’s a show-stopping brand.

Design: Hatch
Team: Nicole Flores, Sean Morse, Ryann Woods, Richard Eriksson, Brenda Bender, Laila Moire-Selvage
Photography: RC Rivera
Case Study Images: Yuya Parker

Copyright @ Hatch
Hatch crafts brands that move people to affection. They are a full-service branding agency with best-in-class talent, helping clients grow by appealing to consumers on an emotional and lasting level.

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