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Visual Concept and Design for Samsen Kit by Lina Forsgren Studio

Visual concept and design of Samsen Kit – A fun and lightweight entry point for the members of Samsen to pick an objective to focus on the coaching season of F/W 2022.

Samsen is a consultant company designed around the idea to adapt work to life rather than life to work, for example by choosing how and when they want to work and which clients they feel passionate about working with.

Designed by Lina Forsgren, Samsen Kit is a theme box and tool to help the members to identify opportunities for professional and personal development, and through self-leadership and coaching achieve an increased quality of life.

The opportunities can range from issues with relationships, personal health, stress management and career challenges, to smaller things like time management and daily habits.

The kit consists of a box in stainless steel with a cover card that changes each season, instructions, die-cut theme cards and theme note cards to write on, that can be re-used or re-filled when needed.

The theme cards have notches in them that allow the user to put together a reminiscent composition to have on their desk.

Printed in an edition of 50, on Lessebo Colorit.

Design: Lina Forsgren
Copy: Tomas Måsviken, Samsen
Print House: Printografen
Headline Typeface: Pangram Pangram

Copyright @ Lina Forsgren
Lina Forsgren is an independent art director and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, working cross-disciplinary within the field of visual communication. With an explorative approach Lina’s pursuit is to create progressive and sustainable concepts and designs that challenge norms and widen perspectives.

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