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Visual Identity for Saintlo Hostel Organization by Caserne

Saintlo is a hostel organization with two main destinations and five collectives located along the Saint-Laurent River in Canada.

It is part of the international youth hostel movement, originally created to fulfill an educational and social mission under the principle that travel shapes youth.

Saintlo evokes the adventure and discovery of a territory, its communities, and cultures, as well as openness to the world and its welcoming nature.

Caserne designed a visual identity that highlights the unique character of each property, promotes local attractions, and asserts leadership in group lodging.

Design Studio: Caserne
Illustrations: Mathieu Dionne
Project Photography: Vincent Castonguay
Motion: Studio Nord-Est

Copyright @ Caserne
Caserne is a Montréal-based design studio known for its sense of initiative & entrepreneurship. For over 10 years, their clients throughout the world have entrusted them with their most audacious projects. From that trust stems their determination to turn ideas into action and create iconic brands that drive their industry forward.

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