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Visual Identity for a Fast-Casual Food Chain Limón by Heydays & Goods

Limón is a fast-casual food chain in Oslo, Norway, serving fresh pokés, mouthwatering ceviches, and healthy bowls.

Inspired by the oceans that connect Norwegian fish with exotic South American tastes, Heydays and Goods came up with a concept that inspired everything from Limón’s website that’s literally floating to perforated metal interior details that resembles fishing nets.

All packaging is responsibly sourced and features bowls made from sugarcane pulp, lids from recycled PET bottles, and fiber cutlery instead of plastic.

Design: Heydays, Goods
Interior Design: Omhu Projects
Interior Photography: Einar Aslaksen

Copyright @ Heydays
Heydays is a design studio aiming to remodel how technology and its aesthetics blend into our lives. They seek to bring richness and balance into the digital lives to enhance, not distract, their senses. They create so that people can be more present, inspired, and engaged in life.

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