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Detailed & Charming Brand Experience for Room for Milly by Perky Bros

Tucked along the edge of Platte Street sits a classy, yet affable little cocktail bar created to transport guests to a soirée hosted by one of Denver’s most beloved socialites.

Perky Bros worked with the Room for Milly team to develop a story where the lines of fiction and reality blur, creating a series of detailed, personal, and charming touchpoints throughout the entire experience.

Milly Parker was a gravitational force. When she was in town, everyone knew it. When she was in a room, she filled it. When she told a story, they listened in awe. The name, Room for Milly, was born of the Dorothy Parker quote, “All I need is room enough to lay a hat and a few friends.”

Milly traveled lightly, but loved deeply. The symbol, a pair of dancing Brazilian ruby hummingbirds, is the talisman she carried, which was given to her by Mururi during her travels along the border between Peru and Brazil. It is said to bring enjoyment of life, lightness of being, and resilience, but Milly always suspected Mururi hinted at a deeper meaning—the power of two souls intertwined.

The illustration style is reminiscent of hastily-inked artifacts within a travel journal. They are intentionally messy, intimate, and immediate—foils to the otherwise elegant treatment of the brand.

Design: Perky Bros
Perky Bros: Jeff Perky, Dana Kingery, Alden Dienethal
Interior Photography: Fortem Media
Case Study Photography: Ambrose Vargason

Copyright @ Perky Bros
Perky Bros shapes unique brand identities through positioning, visual systems, naming and digital design. From start-ups to established companies, they’re here for people who set the bar high and seek to rise. No matter the task, our approach is simple. We take time to understand each problem, explore and find opportunities within the constraints and build a thoughtful design solution together.

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