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Modernist Identity for Phase Inspired by LA’s History by Studio Mast

Founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, Phase is a contemporary, artisan-crafted furniture company. They design work for commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces worldwide. Lead by the designer Reza Feiz.

Inspired by the work of the Modernist masters, they strive to elevate basic forms to their most beautiful and compelling. They believe there is strength in simplicity and that quality essentials will always be enduring and memorable. Striping away the excess until what remains is universal, pure, and iconic.

After 20+ years in business, the Phase team approached Mast to help craft an identity that paid homage to Los Angeles and the simplicity of their work.

Inspired by the rich history of LA; modernism, signpainting, artistic movements, organic design, and skilled craftspeople. Paying homage to this history was paramount, which was necessary for the brand’s authenticity.

Mast started with the vision that the brand should be created and viewed through the lens of simplicity, taking historical cues and implementing them through modern methods.

By pursuing LA personality through the lens of modernity and simplicity, Mast developed a truly unique and memorable brand for the future of Phase.

Studio: Mast
Website: Howells Studio
Typography: Badson Studio
Production: The Culture Creative
Animation: Lorin Schaecher

Copyright @ Mast
An independent design and branding studio working with clients large and small across the world to strategically create and advance identities.

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