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Packaging for Ginori LCDC Collection by Auge Design

For almost three hundred years, Ginori 1735 has been one of the leading brands in the world in the lifestyle luxury goods sector, an expression of Italian excellence in pure porcelain and in design of the highest quality.

The LCDC Home fragrance collection embraces this new vision with a celebration of the characters that in a creative imagination created the community around Queen Caterina de’ Medici. A model of visionary femininity capable of embody a modern elegance.

Auge Design were asked to create a package for the different characters designed by Luca Nichetto. They designed a set of boxes for 8 different objects/characters, that’s the number of members of Caterina de’ Medici community – each with its own meaning and features.

Each character is available in three different fragrances in form of candles or incense also inserted in specific packs and sold both with the characters and separately.

Considering all the different objects Auge’s goal was to gather everything in a unique symbol and belief, therefore the Medici coat of arms became their key visual representing the modern renaissance and the collection itself with a spark.

Colors and finishing on the primary packs refer to a royal palette whereas the secondary packs (candles and incense) colors refer to the different fragrances with a pastel tones.

Design: Auge Design
Copyright @ Auge Design
Auge Design is a branding design agency, creating a diverse range of work spanning across strategy, identity, packaging, spatial and digital design.

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