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Playful Visual Identity & Interior Design for Boccapiena by Studio Hrvatin

The Boccapiena ice cream shop is a space dedicated to the joy of enjoying a variety of cold desserts. Studio Hrvatin designed a visual identity and interior that's all about unburdened chewing and pure enjoyment.  

The joy of experiencing the senses of taste, touch, and sight with childlike wonder is depicted visually through the concept of the amusement park. Therefore, the ice cream shop serves as a place where customers can satisfy their cravings for something sweet and refreshing while strolling through town.

The visual identity is designed as a system that evokes playful licking, nibbling and chewing delicious ice snacks.

The construction of the wordmark and the way it is used throughout branding materials reflects the movement of the mouth - the letters are irregularly shaped, non-standardly arranged (not held by the same baseline) and unpredictably rotated, as though they've been tumbled in the unpredictable mechanics of chewing.

Project Partners: Studio Mater (Marita Bonačić)
Creative Direction & Brand Concept: Iva Hrvatin, Marita Bonačić
Copywriters: Iva Hrvatin, Marita Bonačić
Product Designers: Sara Dobrijević, Lucija Matić, Andreja Lovreković
Graphic Designers: Iva Hrvati, Tana Jeić
Architectural Associate Mirna Petrić
Photography: The Boccapiena

Copyright @ Studio Hrvatin
At the forefront of the design studio is Iva Hrvatin, a Zagreb based designer of visual communication. After ten years of engaging in specialised projects of branding, publication, packaging and spatial design, Iva has swiftly become one of the industry-leading creatives that can do it all.

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